Hiller Lectureship: Invigorating Abundant Communities April 30, 2019

Date: April 30, 2019

Location: Central Church

Register at: invigoratingabundantcommunities.eventbrite.com

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What does it mean to be church in a way that an abundance of community life can grow?  Explore how the book of Revelation speaks to life today.  Join us and learn how to facilitate Kingdom-minded church life that finds its mission in a “come to” and “go to” model.  Discover the impact of releasing church members into missional relationships with those in their immediate neighborhoods (and not just the neighborhood where the physical building is located).  Guest speaker is Dr. Ralph Korner, Taylor Seminary.

Books Informing the Lectureship:
--The Abundant Community: Awakening the Power of Families and Neighborhoods by John McKnight and Peter Block

--An Other Kingdom: Departing the Consumer Culture by Peter Block, Walter Brueggemann, and John McKnight

--Keeping Jesus’ return imminent: playing with visionary building blocks (chapters 1, 6, 22)
--Keeping God’s people hospitably present to each other (chapters 21-22)
--Keeping God’s people missionally integrated within their neighborhoods (chapters 2-3)
--Bringing it all together: learnings, applications, and questions

About the Speaker:
Dr. Ralph Korner is Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton, AB.  He has previously served two North American Baptist churches in Edmonton and at Taylor University College as a campus pastor, a New Testament instructor, and an associate director in the area of student development. 

He holds a a Ph.D. in early Christianity and ancient Judaism from McMaster University and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Trinity Western University in Langley, BC. 

Korner has published a number of works including articles on the books of Daniel and Revelation as well as a book and articles on the Greek word that is translated “church” (Ekklesia) in the New Testament.  He is
currently working on writing a book on the book of Revelation (reading it through the eyes of an ancient Jewish reader).

Learn More:
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