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Standards of Excellence Series

When people talk to us about the Kairos Project, one of their first questions is about quality. More specifically, how do we ensure quality when we don’t require so many of the traditional aspects of education that have been required for the explicit purpose of securing and maintaining quality in education? It is one of the most important questions we get asked.

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Learning in a New Way

Over the past several weeks, we have looked at how following Christ is an invitation to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. We have learned that when Paul refers to the “mind” he has much more in view than we have traditionally understood. Transformation requires us to break from the molds in which we are often so comfortable. This can be a challenging process.

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Romans 12: Abundant Information

Last week, we talked about how the cultural conditions we are living in today are bringing about rapid changes in almost every dimension of life. These changes are causing significant disruption to our behaviors. One such change is the abundance of information that is now available. There are countless benefits from the information revolution.

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Romans 12: Culture and Change

Today, we are picking up on the topic of cultural conditions and why sometimes patterns of behavior can be good in one context but not in another. Last week, I talked about driving. It’s something that when first learned takes a lot of focus and concentration. However, over time, it becomes a learned behavior that can be done with little thought.

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