Youth Pastor, Winnipeg, MB


Pastoral Ministry to youth

1) Study and minister God’s Word effectively and faithfully to the youth (including Junior Highs, Senior Highs and College and Careers) of the church.
2) Meet with youth to understand their needs and undertake to meet those needs.
3) Be available for ministry in time of crisis in the lives of youth. 

Recruit and develop youth ministry staff

1) Recruit people gifted in ministry to youth.
2) Meet with staff on a regular basis to plan activities and set goals for youth program.
3) Lead and coach staff in their capacity to minister to youth.
4) Establish personal relationships with each staff member.
5) Model spiritual growth and youth ministry to staff.
6) Insure that each student is being ministered to by a staff member.

Program development

1) Observe and note the educational and spiritual development needs for each age level.
2) Work with the appropriate Council Members to determine curriculum for youth ministry.
3) Develop youth program to complement the content of the Christian Education curriculum

1) Establish quarterly and annual ministry goals with the Pastor and Youth Ministry Committee.
2) Prepare annual budgets for youth programming needs.
3) Project needs for space and equipment.

Department relationships

1) Attend and participate in Council Meetings.
2) Participate in temporary committee assignments as required.
3) Able to preach on occasion and perform other duties as assigned or agreed to.


Rowandale Baptist Church
Mark Woods
162 Rowandale Ave.

Phone: 204-338-1174