Youth and Families Pastoral Residency, Colorado Springs, CO


The Pastoral Resident of First Baptist Church, a seminary graduate, will function as an associate pastor with special responsibility for youth and families ministries. The Church will provide the Resident with a wide range of pastoral opportunities, under the guidance and supervision of the Senior Pastor. These opportunities include caring for our church family (with emphasis on youth and their families), preparing and teaching spiritual formation series, preaching and leading in worship, and developing lay leadership. A primary purpose of the residency program is to prepare a person for vocational congregational ministry. The following description of responsibilities has in view the needs of both our church and our Pastoral Resident. Accountability: The Pastoral Resident is accountable to the congregation through the Senior Pastor. The position is subject to an annual performance review by the Senior Pastor by September 30.

Principle Responsibilities:
I. Focus on youth and families: work with lay leadership to provide vision, energy, oversight, and daily direction in ministry with parents and youth (approximately 15-20 hours/week) A. Work with the appropriate lay leaders and ministry teams to bolster existing youth ministries B. Effectively lead or facilitate Youth Sunday School each week (Grades 6-12) with the objective of teaching and listening to teens as they engage with the topic and curriculum presented C. Effectively organize, plan, and communicate all programs and needed information to the teens, their families, and the wider church D. Encourage teens to participate in the ministry of the church and engage with other members; while encouraging and equipping them to be active members of the youth group seeking to help one another E. Organize and facilitate intergenerational worship opportunities F. Provide youth and parents with pastoral care and resources as appropriate to face illness/grief/loss, and assist youth (and parents) with decisions concerning their spiritual formation, such as baptism G. Partner with parents in equipping them with resources to become actively and intentionally involved in the spiritual formation and discipleship of their families H. Serve as staff representative to one or more ministry teams (Christian Education Team)

II. Care for the church family: assist the staff in providing pastoral care. This may include hospital and home visitation, premarital counseling, outreach, etc... (approximately 5 hours/week)

III. Assist the Pastor and Worship Team in planning worship services and recruiting lay participants in worship; and participate in worship services by offering the invocation, reading scripture, making announcements, and by preaching (approximately 5 hours/week)

IV. Develop lay leadership: assist the staff and lay leaders in the recruitment and development of leadership in the church family (approximately 2 hours /week)

V. Undertake other tasks as deemed necessary by the Pastoral Resident or directly assigned by the Executive Council or Senior Pastor. These may include leading/assisting in funerals and weddings, preaching, representing the congregation in the wider community and/or ministry partnerships, fulfilling any Residency Program requirements, assisting possible interns, transportation of children and youth, etc... (approximately 5 hours/week)

VI. Pursue the Pastoral Resident’s own unique passions and develop skills for the service of the church. (approximately 5 hours per week)

VII. Contract Period: A. 2 year commitment from start date (Summer 2020 — Summer 2022) with possibility of third year extension, pending mutual agreement with First Baptist Church of Colorado Springs B. 40+ hours per week VIII.Pay and Benefits: A. $35,000 per 12 month period (broken into salary and housing allowance) B. 4 weeks paid vacation per year C. Partially furnished downtown apartment (less than two blocks from the church) at an extremely discounted rate


First Baptist Church of Colorado Springs
Rev. Dan Schumacher
317 E Kiowa St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Phone: (719) 632-6603