Worship Leader/Director/Pastor, Vancouver, BC


Worship Director/Pastor Pilgrim Church is looking for a part time (~8-12 hours/week) person to lead and develop our musicians and Sunday worship experiences with the team and lead pastor. You will be joining a church on a revitalization mission to connect people with Jesus in Vancouver. The first responsibility is to provide leadership for worship ministry and the additional responsibilities will be based on the person's gift-mix and Pilgrim’s developing needs/dreams.

If this is something you know someone would be good at please encourage them to apply. For a questions please contact us! Cover letters and resumes may be emailed to: future@pilgrimchurch.ca
6075 Inverness St, Vancouver, BC V5W3P8

Thanks for your interest!
Pastor Shel on behalf of the Staff Search Team

Position Qualifications
● Must be a Christian (follower of Jesus with a living faith – words like “born again” and “relationship with Jesus” make sense to you) and ready to commit as a person/family covenant partner at Pilgrim Church
● Embraces a “big-tent” Evangelicalism including openness to Spirit-filled life (the Pietist background of NAB)
● Experience with worship leading in a volunteer or other capacity is highly desirable

Position Expectations/Responsibilities
● Lead congregation in worship
○ Lead Weekend worship services
■ This person should be able to provide vocal (voice) leadership in and through a worship set.
■ Develop worship leadership skills vocally “pastoring” the church around and during worship sets.
○ Facilitate the congregation’s participation in worship
○ Understand worship that is broader than music (including, but not limited to preaching/teaching time, scripture reading, prayer, testimonies, art,media, etc.)

● Work with Lead Pastor (and future staff) to plan weekend worship services

● Lead the formation of a Worship Team that fosters good communication and a strong sense of community among all musicians and vocalists.
○ Lead worship team rehearsals
○ Recruit, schedule, develop and mentor servant worship team leaders
○ Recruit, schedule, develop, and mentor Servant instrumentalists, vocalists, and songwriters

● Develop an annual ministry plan and a budget for worship 

● Work with volunteer production lead team (over sound, video, lights).
○ Production team lead first reports to this role, then lead pastor.

● Attend staff and Worship congregational and team meetings, seeking direction from them.
● Pursue ministerial credentials with the NAB or other like-minded group
● Participate in a Home Church/Small group Position Accountability
● Write an annual report to the congregation
● Is an employee of the church whose first report is to the lead pastor (spelled out in annual “Covenant of Understanding” contract), then indirectly to Board, or in the absence of a lead pastor, the chair of board Other
● Because this is a PT salaried position this person will be expected to be flexible. Compensation
● PT. Depends on experience and benefit needs. Open to structuring as best fits.


Pilgrim Church
Shel Boese
6075 Inverness St
Vancouver, BC V5W3P8

Phone: 604.301.1006
Email: future@pilgrimchurch.ca
URL: pilgrimchurch.ca