Solo Pastor, Buffalo, SD


The Pastor is responsible for directing the gathered worship of our congregation, including preaching, administering baptism and the Lord's Supper, and arranging for music. Additionally, the Pastor is the main point of contact for all ministries within the church; this does not mean he must lead or even be personally involved with each ministry, but he must oversee them and guide the congregation. Ideally, the pastor will be an outgoing person who can get involved in the community and develop an outreach plan for the congregation. An advanced degree is not required, but we are looking for someone who has had pastoral training and is well acquainted with in-depth study of the Scriptures. This would be a great opportunity for a new minister who is looking for a place to spend several years developing abilities, as the congregation is low-maintenance and gracious and willing to cooperate with new ideas. This is the main evangelical church in the community and as such has quite a mission. Theologically, the church most closely aligns with the Evangelical Free or Southern Baptist denominations. About our community: Buffalo is the seat of Harding County, South Dakota. The church's ministry is really not only to the town but to the surrounding area, due to the rural nature of life here, and the county has a population under 2,000. This is very rural; the nearest Wal-Mart is 90 miles away. The town has a good school for all grades, a medical clinic, a grocery store, hardware store, a couple restaurants, and a children's park. The nearest city is Bowman, ND, which is 45 miles away. Most people in the community come from ranching/homesteading stock, and a great many still work on ranches (cattle and sheep are the main livestock). The nearby oilfields account for most of the other area industry. Full-time Salary: $50,000.00 /year, and part of that is a housing allowance.


Community Bible Church
Conner Armstrong
Buffalo, SD 57720

Phone: 8653131892