Senior Pastor, Madison, SD


Pastoral Priorities:
Scripture paints the picture of pastoral ministry as a tenacious, undistracted focus on prayer and the Word (Acts 6:4).

Out of this focus flow 6 key priorities:
1. Equipping the congregation for ministry - Ephesians 4:11-12
2. Preaching the Word - 2 Timothy 4:2
3. Training for spiritual maturity - Colossians 1:28-29
4. Training leaders - 2 Timothy 2:2
5. Protecting the church from heresy - Acts 20:28
6. Participating in leadership - 1 Timothy 5:17

Reports to: Leadership Council Ministry Activities: We envision the Senior Pastor living out the 6 Biblical Priorities through the following Ministry Activities.
1. Equipping the congregation for ministry -Pray and promote prayer as a primary priority -Promote corporate worship and Discipleship Groups as the core ministries of the church -Lead a Discipleship Group -Oversee the planning of corporate worship services -Engage in regular study beyond sermon preparation in order to function as a curator of knowledge and information, able to recommend resources on the wide variety of ministry, theological, and Christian life issues faced by members of the congregation

2. Preaching the Word -Pray -Devote adequate time to study and sermon preparation -Serve as the primary preacher (75% of Sundays) -Train the Apprentice Pastor and others to preach the Word -Engage in ongoing learning
and development as a preacher 

3. Training for spiritual maturity -Pray -Work with the Leadership Council, Discipleship Group Coaches, and staff to identify maturity gaps in the congregation -Empower Discipleship Groups to create opportunities where congregational members can grow their faith, increase their ability to surrender to the Lord, love others sacrificially, and reproduce disciples

4. Training leaders -Pray -Meet regularly with Apprentice Pastor for mentoring and training -Continue process of training new Discipleship Group Leaders -Coach Discipleship Group Leaders and recruit, equip, and oversee other coaches to do the same -Develop process for training Discipleship Coaches -Create opportunities for ongoing training of Leadership Council and lay leaders -Work in coordination with Leadership Council to mold Ministry Team meetings into opportunities for leadership training

5. Protecting the church from heresy -Pray -Oversee, with the Leadership Council, all teaching and discipleship curricula -Proactively scan cultural and religious trends for areas of concern -Provide resources to combat heresy and damaging teaching as necessary -Confront, in coordination with Leadership Council, false teaching if necessary

6. Participating in leadership -Pray -Invest time in studying, researching, and dreaming about the future of West Center -Lead annual Leadership Retreat -Teams with Leadership Council for Church vision casting -Oversee day-to-day ministries of the staff -Conduct weddings and funerals as able or delegate as needed -Participate in Leadership Council meetings, providing training, resources, and ideas as needed -Develop relationships with other pastors for fellowship and encouragement -Participate in the Great Plains Association, NABC Triennial and other denominational meetings as able

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