Senior Pastor, Chariton, IA


The Senior Pastor’s first and foremost duty is to be the spiritual leader of this congregation.

Article 6, Section 1 “Duties of the Pastor”,
The Pastor shall preach the Gospel, administer the ordinances, watch over his membership with visitation as needed, promote the spiritual interests of the Church, organize and develop strength for the best possible service. He shall be an ex-officio member of all Boards and Committees of the Church and its auxiliary organizations.

According to Article 5 Section 2,
The pastor shall be a believer in, and a preacher of the Gospel and of the basic doctrines of faith as held by the Baptist tradition.
I. To preach the whole counsel of God. A. Sunday Morning, Evening Regular worship services. Wednesday, (Current pastoral teaching of Small group meeting Tuesday Morning, Wednesday High School/ Middle School youth. BYKOTA Sunday School class, occasionally other Sunday School Adult Class.) Choice of messages will be developed with approval of the Elders. B. Leadership training – Seminars – Special classes will be undertaken when pastor sees a spiritual need for this in his congregation. Material for these will be picked or designed by pastor. C. To be an innovator and leader in teaching the Christian faith as the Spirit leads and directs. D. Pastor will adhere to the Church Covenant, Doctrinal Distinctives, and the Articles and by-laws of the First Baptist Church. E. To oversee weddings, funerals, and baptisms, and other church related ceremonies.

II. To be the spiritual leader of the Boards in giving vision, direction, counsel, support, and training. A. To work with the Advisory Board as an advisory member, and shall be an advisory member of all other church organizations, boards, and committees. To coordinate plans and programs for the total church ministry with staff, boards, and committees to assure a purposeful, cohesive program for the church. B. To bring to the Elder Board any person of persons he feels needs church discipline or instruction. C. To bring before the Elder Board all pastoral needs and requests; spiritual, physical, or material. D. To keep the Elder Board abreast to spiritual climate of the church as he is led by the Spirit. To look to the Elder Board for guidance, and counsel in meeting the church’s needs. E. To inform the Elder Board of the vision and burdens on his heart for the ministry and to prepare suggestions of avenues of how to pursue them. F. To keep the Elder Board informed of his own spiritual and physical needs. To seek counsel when needed himself. G. To be an innovator and resource person to the boards and committees on ministry programs and outreach. H. To receive suggestions, direction, and input from the boards and committees on needed subjects to help him come to the best total view of the area being considered. I. To assist youth ministries to develop programming, help members develop their spiritual lives through Bible study, prayer and/or adult education classed as time and opportunity allows. To deliver or equip others to deliver meaningful children’s sermons during Sunday morning worship.

III. Staff Relationship A. All Pastoral or Ministerial staff and support staff shall be under the supervision of the Senior Pastor. B. Pastor will work with his pastoral staff as a team relationship, guiding each one in his individual areas, and seeking to bring them together as a unified unit. C. Senior Pastor would have input on choosing any associate pastor, or ministerial staff subject to the approval of the Search Committee. D. Pastor will oversee all administration so he can facilitate the ministry of the church. E. Pastor will work with his support staff both collectively and individually as assignments are needed.

IV. Counseling A. To be readily available for counseling as schedule permits. B. To use discretion in number of sessions, possibly referring to another pastor, or lay person, or professional help. C. To keep personal confidences and private matters with himself, unless needed to be brought before other pastors or Elder Board. D. To visit and minister to any gravely ill person. E. To visit in members, regular attendees and visitors at home as often as possible.

V. Personal Responsibility A. To take time in prayer and study in order that the working of the Spirit can use him to the fullest. B. To live a life, both in and out of the pulpit, that is exemplary to the teachings of Christ. C. To be a personal encourager to all to set Christ first in their lives. D. To follow ethical practices in ministry and private life.

VI. Community Responsibility A. To uphold and present at all times Christian character and purpose. B. To actively oppose and to inform congregation of any threat to our community in areas of outright sin. e.g.: (pornography, homosexual activity, etc.) C. To present the Gospel upon opportunity to groups, media, etc. D. To work with other Christ-centered churches and organizations for the betterment of the community. Please contact us for more information.


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