Pastor, Orange City, IA


American Reformed Church in Orange City, IA Website: Contact: Dr. Paul Bartlett, search committee chair, Position: Pastor American Reformed Church, Orange City, Iowa, seeks an inspiring and relational preacher, teacher, leader and shepherd to be our next pastor. We crave spiritual nourishment both from the pulpit and through authentic relationships with each other and with our pastor. We want to be affirmed and challenged, taught and listened to. We seek a compelling leader who will cast a unifying vision—grounded in Scripture and Reformed theology—for our ideologically diverse church family. We want a shepherd who will guide us as a church and individuals called to be a redemptive force in God’s world. Consideration of candidates will begin July 1. More information, including our church profile, can be requested from search committee clerk Tamara Fynaardt (


American Reformed Church, Orange City Iowa
Tamara Fynaardt