Pastor, Castleford, ID


The role of the Senior Pastor is to lead the Church to accomplish its mission. The Pastor shall lead the congregation by teaching Biblical truth, casting vision and advancing the mission. The Pastor shall advise the board by guiding its discussion of mission and boundary principles. The Pastor shall lead the staff by directing them in their management of all Church operations. With regard to job retention and approval of major decisions, the Pastor shall be accountable to the congregation. The Pastor shall recommend staff positions, direct the staff in compliance with the statement of practices as established by the board. The Senior Pastor is responsible for overseeing of staff. While the senior pastor gives overall leadership to the church, the “members of the Body” are the ones the Lord intends to carry out the full mission of ministry with one another and in the world (Eph. 4:12). This balance of roles cannot be emphasized enough. If either the pastor or the congregation fails to fulfill their appointed roles, the ministry of Christ’s chosen instrument in the word falters.


Mission Northwest for First Baptist Church, Castleford, ID
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