Pastor, Canistota, SD


Full-time solo pastor. We trust and pray that God will lead us to a relationship with a new pastor who will join us in ministry, help build upon our strengths, shore up our weaknesses, and encourage us to continue as a Christ-centered community that enthusiastically and openly shares the good news of the Gospel. We are an active and engaged congregation and strive to live out our faith while bringing our best qualities forward when serving the Lord. Keeping in mind that the United Church of Canistota is a Federated Church affiliated with the United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church, USA, this position will lead and guide the congregation. We support missions and ministry from both denominations and do mission work locally and internationally. Being a community with its root in agriculture, and now having many who commute 30 minutes to work in the state’s largest city of Sioux Falls, the individual called to fill this position will need a skill set that allows him/her to relate to both the elderly pillars of the community and to the young millennial who may use social media to communicate. This position will be able to maintain and grow a strong sense of fellowship in the church, both within and between generations and worship style preferences while leading all into a deeper understanding of Christian faith and relationship with Christ.


United Church of Canistota
Susan Anderson
223 N. 7th Avenue
Canistota, SD 57012

Phone: 6053607461