Lead Pastor, Bismarck, ND


Current (Average) Attendance: 197 Adults    147   Youth       21
Children  25     Nursery/Infants      4 Approximate size of your community / city:  65,000    

Church strengths – Bismarck Baptist Church has made support of NAB missions a priority and devotes a portion of our budget to a number of missionaries. BBC is welcoming of its visitors in that individuals are committed to greeting and getting to know the new faces that come through its doors. You will find that people invite coworkers and neighbors to church and have a heart of caring for their spiritual well-being. BBC has a strong ministry to the aging population in the church and those former attendees who may be confined to their homes. Behind the scenes are stories of small groups taking initiative to meet the monetary, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those stricken with misfortune, such as terminal illness, loss of spouse, disaster and have partnered with organizations like Teen Challenge. Church needs – i Bismarck Baptist Church is more likely to turn our efforts to needs identified within its facility walls. While there is a growing desire to be a part of God's work to serve those in need in the community, the security of the pew can at times prevent us from taking action. Establishing and embracing a vision for the church that truly propels small and large groups in a focused way has been a challenge. Based on the relatively low number of young families in the body, our outreach and "fragrant appeal" needs work. S

ize of congregation -  315     The Position Seeking to Fill: Senior Pastor Job Requirement: Master’s of Divinity Things Your Pastor Candidate Should Know Before Accepting a Call 
The church is debt free. Meeting the spiritual needs of the elderly has been a priority.      

Job Description The Senior Pastor shall be the primary overseer of the congregation and staff. While working harmoniously with the board of Deacons the Senior pastor shall be responsible to give leadership and vision to the life, ministry and program of the local church as outlined in the Bismarck Baptist Church Constitution, to include being properly credentialed by the North American Baptist Conference, meeting the spiritual qualifications of 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Acts 6:3, preaching the whole counsel of God and administering the ordinances, having charge of the spiritual welfare of the congregation, coordinating and directing the ministries of the church, being responsible for coordinating and directing the activities of the pastoral and support staff, and being accountable to the deacons.


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