Full Time Pastor, Solway, MN


Purpose of Position: To work in conjunction with the church council to promote and oversee the total ministry of Solway Bible Chapel. He will work closely with the Church Council and volunteers to implement the means of reaching our desired vision – Presenting Jesus as Savior; Exalting Jesus as Lord.

• A dynamic and growing born-again believer in Jesus Christ, striving daily in every area of their lives to obediently fulfill Biblical truth.
• A man who meets the Biblical qualifications for eldership (1 Timothy 3:1-12; Titus 1:5-9)
• Full agreement with Solway Bible Chapel’s Vision, Mission, Doctrinal Statements and Constitution
• Preferred experience in a pastor or staff role with oversight of teams in a local church
• A passion for outreach and effective ministry
• A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited, solid Bible College preferred
• The ability to teach and inspire others to follow Christ faithfully
• Experience working with a multi-generational congregation preferred Primary

• A Servant Leader: -He notices and responds to those in need within the congregation, community and beyond with a humble, sensitive and thoughtful heart. -He helps create and oversees a clear, unified church vision. Initiate strategy, processes, and team building to fulfill the church’s mission. -He guides decision making to assure alignment with the church’s vision.

• A Shepherd of Functional & Organizational Oversight:
-He reads the culture well, lays the foundation for new ministries, clearly communicates vision to encourage ownership and partnership in seeing people believe in, become followers of and belong to Christ.
-He helps guide decision making to assure alignment with the church’s vision and mission by listening, having a considerate and humble spirit and a gentle and understanding heart.
-He encourages stewardship of gifts, talents, skills and resources from the church body. He will display an ability to turn ideas into reality by organizing people and enabling results by working alongside of them.
-He strengthens the church and individuals’ effectiveness by advancing ministry skills through prayer, coaching, resourcing, training and delegating.
-He oversees in conjunction with the Elders and Deacons the placement of individuals in areas of their greatest influence and effectiveness.
-He will perform the customary pastoral duties such as conducting weddings and funerals as needed.
-Meetings, housekeeping needs and administrative duties relevant to the pastoral functions can be delegated though the Elders and/or Deacons leadership.

• An Effective Communicator:
-The pastor is expected to devote adequate time and research in providing Biblically sound and practical messages.
-He is responsible for coordinating the scheduling of missionaries or outside speakers with Church Council involvement. -The pastor reveals God’s Good News by living it out personally in his relationship to his wife, children as well as to those inside the Chapel and in the community in a wholesome, thoughtful and positive loving manner.

• A Caring, Approachable Shepherd:
-He’s able to relate to people of all ages within the church and the community.
-He Identifies ministry opportunities within the church and community; then works with Church Council and body to provide effective platforms for addressing those opportunities.
-Counseling, visitation, shepherding, and discipleship are functions of the pastor’s role he will perform in coordination with the Church Council and body to consistently carry out the ministry vision of the church.
-His discipleship intentionally enhances and multiplies mature disciples of Christ, helping each to develop greater godliness and Christlikeness through implementation of a framework for the expansion of a successful discipleship process.


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