Full time Pastor, Fresno, CA


We are a Lutheran congregation in Central California and we are in the process of searching for the pastor that God wants to lead Immanuel. We are a small to medium size church -- worshiping an average of 180 most Sundays. Immanuel is located in the rural outskirts just south of Fresno, California. We are located in the small community known as Easton. It is a small, close-knit, and friendly place. Most people wave to each other even if we don't know each other. We are a congregation that was originally made up predominately of farmers of Danish descent. There are still a few farmers among us and some with heavy Danish ancestry, but the wonderful melting pot of America has taken effect and we are now made up of everything from farmers to professionals, blue-collar to white-collar workers, homemakers to workaholics -- with an unknown number of ancestry lines mixed among us! We consider members of Immanuel to be a family and a hub of Christ working in and throughout the Easton community. We are a NALC congregation. Our profile is posted on the NALC website We truly hope to hear from you if you felt God tapping you on the shoulder while reading this.


Immanuel Lutheran Church, Fresno, CA.
Josh Gardner
5955 South Elm Ave.
Fresno, CA 93706

Phone: 559-281-3392
Email: jsbgardner@earthlink.net
URL: www.immanueleaston.com