Connections Pastor, Sioux Falls, SD


Job Description: Connections Pastor

Main Goal
Oversee the processes and leaders that ensure every person at Good News Church is known, connected and cared for at the highest level.

Key Result Area #1: Leadership and Visioning
Supporting Goals: With the Good News vision, mission and strategy as the basis, give overall leadership and vision to help people become firmly engaged in the life and ministry of Good News Church. The primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to creating and maintaining an assimilation process that flows from first time visitor to active, committed participant in the ministry of the church. Work with the administration in follow-up processes for guests, givers, baptisms, and care requests. Develop and oversee workflows that help people get connected and grow. Develop a team of people and execute a process for assimilating people into groups or teams.

Performance Standards:
• Annually establish 2-4 ministry goals that align with the church’s vision, mission, and strategy
• Develop and implement plans to achieve specific ministry goals
• Regularly pray for the adults and volunteer leaders for whom this position is responsible

Key Result Area #2: Spiritual Development
Supporting Goals: To provide a strong, biblical approach to the spiritual development of the adults and volunteer leaders for whom this position is responsible.

Performance Standards:
• Actively participate in opportunities that encourage your growth as a spiritual leader (including having a professional and spiritual mentor)
• To develop and nurture adult leaders who are committed to growing in Christ
• To develop and nurture adults who will in turn positively impact their homes, churches, and schools for Christ
• Provide, develop and adapt appropriate curriculum that is consistent with the spiritual catalysts determined through the vision, mission, and strategy  

Key Result Area #3: Teamwork and Equipping
Supporting Goals: To build relationships in order to recruit, equip and empower effective leaders to lead groups, coach group leaders, oversee ministry areas and coordinate events.

Performance Standards:
• Recruit and lead a team to implement the ministry
• Create clear discipleship materials defining and teaching leadership.
• Invest time to personally disciple the key leadership influencers in your ministry area.
• Meet with the executive pastor for accountability and direction.
• Collaborate with the entire staff on programs and activities that encourage faith nurturing relationships among youth, families, and inter-generationally among the congregation

Key Result Area #4: Administration
Supporting Goals: To provide administrative oversight and coordination for connection ministry and regularly communicate with the congregation, church leaders, staff, and volunteer leaders

Performance Standards:
• Use written, verbal, and technological communication tools to effectively plan, organize and communicate with various teams
• Coordinate and communicate calendar events with the administration office and staff
• Develop and oversee the budget for ministry area
• Oversee ordering of needed supplies, curriculum and ministry materials
• Stay current with assimilation and adult discipleship practices by reading, attending ministry-area-appropriate conferences, connecting with others in the ministry field, etc.

Qualifications and Skills:
• Be a growing Christian with a deepening personal relationship with Jesus Christ who can model this to others. This means a regular commitment to Bible reading, prayer, and sanctification as a Christian in all of life.
• Have a firm understanding and identity in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
• Have a humble heart, willing to be “last” as a servant and have a teachable spirit
• Be growing in elder-like character, knowledge, and skill (1 Timothy 3)
• Be proficient in leadership recruitment and development, capable of casting and imparting a vision for ministry; be a self-motivated leader
• Have an enthusiastic, personable and approachable personality
• Possess strong communication skills and relational skills with students, parents, and staff
• Demonstrate organizational strength and creative abilities
• Have teaching experience • Possess basic computer skills (e.g., word processing, email, etc.)
• Degree in Christian ministry or 2-5 years of equivalent ministry experience

Reports to: Good News Executive Pastor for accountability and development

Compensation and Requirements: This is a full-time exempt position that includes competitive compensations and benefits.


Good News Church
Mary Morgan
1800 S Valley View Rd
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Phone: 605.361.6718 x17