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Giving back has never been easier.  Use the money you already spend to support the ministry of Sioux Falls Seminary. Shopping Portal

Make use of (select Sioux Falls Seminary) or our Portal below, and Sioux Falls Seminary will get a small commission from each dollar you spend! America Portal

Curious how you can earn Cash back for YOU and Sioux Falls Seminary?  Access some of the largest Internet retailers through the portal.  Search for your product and compare pricing and cash rewards given at all of the retailers that have the product you are searching for.  A few of the many retailers include: Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Gap, Old Navy, Best Buy, Sears, Apple, Sam’s Club, Macy’s, Toys "R" Us, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, JcPenney, Home Depot, Dell, E-bay, Fandango, Travelocity, Nike, Groupon, and more. 

Get Started Today:
In order for Sioux Falls Seminary to receive cash back from your purchases, the link below must be used when creating your account.  Watch the videos below to the right to learn more about America's cash back and referral incentives.

To create an account, select "sign in" at the top right, choose "new customer," and follow the prompts.
Create your Account Here: 

Download: Market America mobile phone application
Dowload: Smart Shopping Tips Handout