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No institution can thrive and continue to offer quality education without the generosity of faithful alumni and friends.  Being called to ministry is an exciting venture, but one that does not come without expense. You have the opportunity to play an integral part in the equipping of servant leaders who engage the mission of Jesus Christ.

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Discernment, Call, and Discipleship: Article 3

We continue on our Discernment, Call, and Discipleship series by sharing two articles from our friends at VantagePoint3. This week’s article is written by Rob Loane and looks at how honoring the particular in every person’s story can have a transformational impact. Next week's article will focus on the topic of discipleship.

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Discernment, Call, and Discipleship: Article 2

Last week, we began a series of articles that we are sharing from seminary friends and partners in ministry, all of which focus on either discernment, call, or discipleship. This week we are pleased to share an article by Christy Fay, which was shared through her website. Fay feels deeply called to the study and teaching of God’s Word.

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Discernment, Call, and Discipleship: Article 1

Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing a number of articles from seminary friends and partners in ministry, all on discernment, call, and discipleship. Last week we touched briefly on the importance of taking the time to listen to God. This week’s article is an e-reflection, written by Dr. Barton in December 2016.

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Fully Alive: Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

On April 18, we will welcome Dr. Ruth Haley Barton as the featured speaker at our annual Hiller Lectureship. With Barton guiding our time together, this year’s event will focus on helping individuals embrace their roles in God’s kingdom work by forging the connection between their souls and their leadership.

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