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No institution can thrive and continue to offer quality education without the generosity of faithful alumni and friends.  Being called to ministry is an exciting venture, but one that does not come without expense. You have the opportunity to play an integral part in the equipping of servant leaders who engage the mission of Jesus Christ.

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Reflecting on God’s Work within Us

God is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine. Sioux Falls Seminary alumnus Barry Saylor got us started by reminding us that in everything we do, we must be dependent upon the "father of all fatherhoods" and know that as each "narrative unfolds," it does so only by the work of God. Praise be to God.

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Reflecting on Truly Affordable Education

Nine years ago, I was sitting at a conference for seminary administrators. One of the presentations was on fundraising trends within the industry. The speaker spent a lot of time talking about how sources of giving were shifting and how schools needed to get better at “raising money from individual donors.”

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Reflecting on Working with Others

The past few years at SFS have been quite exciting. We’ve seen God’s provision come through in powerful ways and are thankful for the opportunity to walk alongside an increasing number of students. Some of God’s provisions include an increase in enrollment, being able to serve students around the world, and a decrease in student borrowing.

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Reflecting on Integrating Context and Community

I have previously said “Imagine a new system. One that takes seriously the value of local ministry contexts while integrating technology and retaining the important essence of formational community while maintaining academic rigor.” At the time, the Kairos Project was something we were building.

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