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No institution can thrive and continue to offer quality education without the generosity of faithful alumni and friends.  Being called to ministry is an exciting venture, but one that does not come without expense. You have the opportunity to play an integral part in the equipping of servant leaders who engage the mission of Jesus Christ.

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A New Kind of Collaboration, pt. 4

In 1938, Dr. Henry Shilling purchased White Oak Camp which was operated as a service station, dance hall, and tourist camp. Through God’s direction, this parcel of land in the hills outside of Pittsburgh, PA, was turned into a camp, youth convention center, and finally a Bible school. This school, the Biblical Life Institute, is an intimate Bible school.

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A New Kind of Collaboration, Pt. 2

Last week, I said "Integrated partnerships bring about collaborative participation in disruptive innovation. Thinking differently about how organizations work together, we can create systems of theological education that honor local contexts, embrace the heritage of schools and faith communities, and provide new opportunities for students."

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A New Kind of Collaboration

Collaboration is, and always has been, an important aspect of theological education. Over the years, it has taken several different forms, and each generation is tasked with developing new and effective models of collaboration that serve students, the church, and all the various stakeholders within a system of theological education.

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A Posture of Responsiveness

As Sioux Falls Seminary steps into the New Year, we do so with excitement, anticipation, and a posture of responsiveness. Over the coming months, we look forward to several events, partnership developments, and exciting initiatives. There are even a few possibilities that create anticipation. As a result, we are committing ourselves to a posture of responsiveness.

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