SFS Grants & Scholarships

SFS Grants & Scholarships

Grants & Scholarships

Sioux Falls Seminary has some grants and scholarships available to Classic Track students.  Grants and scholarships are not offered to Kairos Project students.  Grants and Scholarships are subject to change.

Institutional Grants
Sioux Falls Seminary offers a variety of grants to classic track students.  Students are asked to inquire with the Financial Aid Office for details.  

Merit-Based Scholarships
Merit scholarships are awarded in the fall semester to Classic Track students.  These scholarships are chosen by Sioux Falls Seminary faculty and are awarded to those who excel in specific areas of ministry and study.  Merit scholarship recipients are also eligible for grants and ministry scholarships.

Ministry Scholarships
Sioux Falls Seminary in partnership with denominations, churches, and para church organizations has a variety of scholarships specifically designed to assist Classic Track students involved in particular ministries or moving from certain geographical locations. Students who receive more than one ministry scholarship are not eligible to receive grants, but may still be eligible for merit-based awards.

To find out more information, contact the financial aid office at admissions@sfseminary.edu or by calling 800-440-6227.

Other Sources of Financial Aid

Payment Plan Option
Sioux Falls Seminary encourages students to be wise financial stewards.  Classic track students are encouraged to talk to the Financial Aid Office to learn more about setting up a payment plan.