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Faithful to the Call: Remembering Alumnus Randy Reese

Alumnus Randy Reese (M.Div. '93), who passed away on August 11, was one of the seminary’s alumni who serves others and builds up the body of Christ. He poured his passion into the leadership development of others and remained faithful to his call.

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Academic Year, Students Reminder of Mission

Empty parking spaces and classroom chairs will soon be full. The return of students and the sense of community they bring serve as reminders that God has brought us together for a very specific purpose. Our students, new and returning, are at the core of our mission.

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How We Serve Well

We have the privilege of serving many different individuals from various walks of life and locations around the globe. As we serve those who live near the seminary, within driving distance, and throughout the world, our service is rooted in seven methodologies: all of which focus on serving students and clients well.

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Serving Those in Our Care, Part 3

We develop servants who will participate in God’s kingdom mission by helping them grow where God has planted them. We have learned, though, that these opportunities work best when the students are actively engaged in ministry or have a desire to pursue a specific type of ministry.

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Download: 2016-2017 Academic Calendar, August 27
Fall 2016 Semester Begins, August 29
Reclaimed: Women in Community 2016, September 23
Reading, Kairos, & DMin Week 1: 10/10-14, October 14
The first Reading, Kairos, & DMin Week of the Fall 2016 semester will be the week of October 10-14, 2016.
Reading Week 2:11/21-25, November 25
The second Reading Week of the Fall 2016 semester will be the week of November 21-25, 2016.