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Principles of CBTE: Collaborative Mission

Last week, we shared how Kairos is a pioneering approach to theological education that encourages students, partners, resource providers, faculty, authors, and more to build new experiences for students, mentors and all participants. The goal is for the Kairos to be the connector between multiple points. This week we are going to explore collaborative mission.

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Principles of CBTE: Introduction

The past few weeks, we explored what it might mean to envision Kairos as a platform on which an array of educational journeys could be constructed. Such an approach requires us to reconsider how quality, excellence, and mastery are understood. David Williams of Taylor Seminary walked us through several helpful ideas to consider in that process.

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Kairos Series: CBTE As a Platform, Pt. 3

We have been talking about the principles and practices of competency-based theological education (CBTE). Over the past few weeks, we have been exploring the three aspects of a platform: the operational or business model, the power structure, and the educational philosophy. This week, we will go over the third aspect: the educational philosophy.

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