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Effective Communication: Why is Transparency Important?

Let’s continue our conversation about transparency by looking at why it is important! Last time, we shared a bit about why communication is so difficult. If it is so difficult, then why put so much emphasis on transparent communication? We believe there are at least three reasons.

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Introducing Kairos University

We're excited to announce the launch of Kairos University. As a first-of-its-kind global network with students from 30 countries across six continents, Kairos University is creating fresh expressions of affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful theological education. Kairos University is the next step in the nearly 165-year history of Sioux Falls Seminary.

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Effective Communication: Why Is Transparency Difficult?

Last week, looked at the importance of transparency as it relates to organizational communication. Let's reflect on why transparency is so difficult for organizations of higher education in the modern western context. Kairos is striving to be a fresh expression of how theological education can be a movement, not an institution.

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