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Romans 12: Culture and Change

Today, we are picking up on the topic of cultural conditions and why sometimes patterns of behavior can be good in one context but not in another. Last week, I talked about driving. It’s something that when first learned takes a lot of focus and concentration. However, over time, it becomes a learned behavior that can be done with little thought.

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Romans 12: Patterns

Last week, we talked about renewal of the mind, the importance of “looking into the interests of others,” and being of the same mind as Christ Jesus. Previously, we saw how Paul warned his readers that they were already in the process of being squeezed into the patterns of this world and admonished them to “stop it!” Rather they should be squeezed into the pattern of the Kingdom of God.

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Romans 12: Renewal

Last week we began exploring Romans 12 by reflecting on Paul’s call to “be transformed” and focus on the future that was coming up. Today’s article emphasizes Paul’s concern about the mind. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Paul was concerned about the mind. More than any other NT writer, Paul calls attention to our minds. Twenty references to mind in the NT are by Paul.

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