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Knowing is Integrative, Pt. 1

In the last couple of weeks, we have drawn attention to how theological education began to recognize and then address problems that we were experiencing in educating students. Treating the problems as if they were piece meal and solutions were “add-ons” assumed we only needed “technical changes” (in the language of Ronald Hiefiz).

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Implications of Context, Community, & Contingency, Pt. 2

Last week, we began reflecting on the implications of context, community, and contingency. We had uncovered that doing well (or poorly) in ministry had little connection to doing well (or poorly) in school. There was a perception that what was being taught wasn’t really what was needed for ministry and was, sometimes, detrimental.

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Implications of Context, Community & Contingency, Pt. 1

We’ve spent the last three weeks talking about some key observations related to Kairos Project standards of excellence. We have recognized the standards to be contextual, communal, and contingent. Now, let’s explore the implications that these observations have on the Kairos Project. When we talk about being “educators” ...

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