Doctor of Ministry

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The Doctor of Ministry is a practical, professional degree program that enables persons working in full-time Christian ministry to reflect critically upon their vocations, engage in rigorous theological reflection, engage in advanced learning experiences, and grow in their competence in ministry.


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Doctor of Ministry Objectives

The program is centered around a "praxis" model of theological reflection that stresses the continual interaction of the biblical, theological, and historical disciplines of inquiry, with the practical application of those disciplines in ministry.  The Doctor of Ministry degree program is built on the foundation of the Master of Divinity degree.  It's designed for the continuing development of persons who have exhibited exceptional leadership and academic ability. Program outcomes include:

  • Strengthened ability to engage in practical, critical reflection of their ministry;
  • Engagement in significant reflection of ministry context through biblical, theological, and psychosocial perspectives;
  • Advanced competence in ministry through challenging learning experiences that include seminars, engagement with peers, self-directed study and original research;
  • Continued development of an informed, mature theology of ministry which results in practical ministry that is consistent with that theology.

Doctor of Ministry Phases (30 hrs.)

Entry Phase - 3 hours
Foundations Seminar

Seminar and Directed Learning Phase - 21 hours
Consists of four required Core Seminars, two Directed Learning Experiences, and the Final Project Seminar. 

Candidacy Phase - 6 hours
Begins upon approval of the Final Project Prospectus.  The student works with his or her Doctoral Committee to complete the Final Project.  Upon completion, the candidate will have a final competency evaluation.  A student is expected to complete all program requirements within six years of initial enrollment.

Doctor of Ministry Concentrations

Concentrations give direction to the Directed Learning Experiences and ultimately provide focus for the Final Project. Areas of concentration include:

  • Proclamation of the Gospel
  • Ministry Leadership (either Rural or Missional Church Leadership)
  • Pastoral Care
  • Marriage and Family Studies
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Biblical/Theological Studies in Ministry

Doctor of Ministry Requirements

  • Completion of a Master of Divinity degree (or its equivalent) with a B average or higher, from a school accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (or an equivalent accrediting body outside of the United States or Canada).
  • Three years of full-time ministry experience after completion of the Master of Divinity degree program.
  • Active engagement in a full-time ministry setting.
  • Completion of all application material.
  • Approval of the Doctor of Ministry Committee.

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To learn more, contact either Nathan Helling, Director of Enrollment, or Dr. Gary Strickland, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program by calling 800.440.6227 or e-mailing,