Distance Learning

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The seminary’s vision is to provide quality theological education for all students, regardless of where they live.  The seminary has an Internet-based online learning environment using the latest technology to enhance online learning.  These technologies allow us to capture the classroom lecture along with any multimedia resources used therein.  PowerPoint presentations, audio, video, virtual whiteboards—all of these classroom elements are captured and accessible via the Internet the following day.  Distance students can replay the classroom lecture and participate with their fellow students in stimulating and challenging online discussions.

Students are also able to play back their classroom “sessions” on their Apple iPod music players.  Watch a PowerPoint presentation while you listen to the classroom lecture— wherever you are at any time of the day.  You decide when and where you listen and learn!  We are committed to providing students with a flexible, cutting-edge distance learning experience.

Distance Options

Master of Divinity
Master of Arts in Christian Leadership
Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies
Non-Degree Certificates: Christian Ministry; Training in Spiritual Direction Program


Completing the program From a Distance

Students can earn up to one half of the credits toward their Master of Arts in Christian Leadership or one-third of their Master of Divinity by taking advantage flexible learning, especially online courses.  The remaining credit hours can be completed through a cycle of two-week intensive courses in Sioux Falls.  The Graduate Certificate programs also offer a few options for distance learning.  To learn more about each program, including course of study information, download the links above.

Although not required, Sioux Falls Seminary welcomes and encourages cohorts.  A cohort can be a group of 7-12 students committed to completion of the program together.  Students in cohorts will enroll in their residential classes together the first two years and will form their own spiritual development group.  The group will act as the cohort's "community of learning."

Acceleration or Extension Option
The Distance Learning Option programs are designed as a four-year degree programs.  However, students can exercise the option to either accelerate the program into three years of study or extend it over five.

Financial Aid Options
Life Fund: (Lifetime Investment For Education): The LIFE Fund program is dependent upon the generosity of individuals who, at the suggestion of the student, receive a letter from the financial aid office concerning the student's intent to enter ministry and the opportunity to give a tax deductible donation toward student financial aid that can help with the student's educational expenses.

Payment Plan Option: This plan is ideally designed for students involved in ministry wanting to spread their programs over four or five years. Students in the payment plan are not eligible for institutional grants or scholarships, so they are encouraged to partner with their churches or supporting organizations to help in covering the costs.

To learn more about distance learning options at Sioux Falls Seminary, please contact the enrollment team by calling 800.440.6227 or e-mailing admissions@sfseminary.edu.