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This section is designed with current students at Sioux Falls Seminary in mind.  Information to almost everything you need to know is found within this section.  Digital .pdf forms, tuition and fee information, the catalog, the student handbook, course schedules, and more are all here!

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Theological Education as a Platform

Imagine a system of theological education in which the seminary serves as a platform. Rather than a place where students must go and from which they must be sent, the seminary would serve as a connector between students and their callings. A platform builds value for every part of the network.

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Explore Kingdom Entrepreneurship with Dr. Sid Webb

What would your ministry look like with a healthy dose of innovation? Whether you work inside or outside a church building, you’ll want to hear what kinds of entrepreneurial practices are shaking up the world for Christ. RSVP today to attend at no cost!

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The Cost of Theological Education

Since 2003, the amount seminaries are spending to deliver theological education has risen by about 30%. Many seminaries are searching for ways to bridge the gap between rising costs and declining enrollment. At Sioux Falls Seminary, we are committed to developing a new way forward.

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Rethinking What It Means to Be a Full-Time Student

Theological education is something that’s, most often, added to a student’s busy life instead of being integrated into it. As we move into a new paradigm of theological education, it may be time for us to reconsider the traditional definition of a full-time student.

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Chapel featuring Phil David, October 21
Join us for chapel on Tuesday, Oct. 21, at 11:30 a.m. Phil David is an International Ministry Coordinator for the Luke Society in Sioux Falls.
Katy Perry Panel, November 4
This week in chapel we are exploring adventures in American religion with a student and staff panel.
Kingdom Entrepreneurship with Dr. Sid Webb, November 11
Dr. Sid Webb joins us for a special chapel and lunch. Free to the first 50 individuals to RSVP.
Reading Week - November 24-28, November 24
Seminary Closed (Nov. 27-28) for Thanksgiving Break, November 27
Fall Semester Ends, December 19